Why do we need a clinical geneticist?

You will need to see a clinical geneticist if your child is diagnosed with any rare/genetic disorder or needs diagnosis. A geneticist can help in identification and testing for a diagnosis. A clinical geneticist will also advise you on DNA mapping and genotyping for your family. You will see a clinical geneticist especially if you are planning a second child and need to get prenatal testing.

Here is a list of clinical geneticists and genetic testing centres in India sorted by city:

State City Hospital Name Doctor Name Phone / Appointment Number Address
Kerala Kochi CIMAR Cytogenetics Lab NA Phone : 91 484 4134444, 4134404 / 405/ 406

Cheranaloor Thykkavu Bus Stop,
Tippu Sulthan Road,
Ernakulam District,
Kerala – 682034
Email : cimarcochin@gmail.com

Maharashtra Mumbai Centre for Genetic Health Care Dr Hema Purandarey Mob (24x7) : +91-9820935727, Phone : (022) 26400118

A-11, Elco Arcade Hill Road,
Bandra (W),
Mumbai - 400050
Website : www.hemapurandarey.com